Susan Leigh - Inspired Greater Manchester Interview
Susan Leigh - Showreel
8 tips for dealing with studying & exam stress from Susan Leigh
Top tips for sleep from Susan (BBC 5Live)

Susan Leigh on Waking Up - (Radio)

Do you struggle to get a good night's sleep?

Managing stress when you're your own boss!

Susan Leigh interview on Redshift Radio

Listen below to Susan talking about Lifestyle Therapy, the way she works, and some of the issues she covers

Susan Leigh on snoring: Audio Only

Suffer from snoring? Listen to some of the latest advice from Susan Leigh in her latest radio interview.

Ways To Improve Your Quality Of Sleep

Research has shown that 90% of adults fail to get enough sleep and that 25% struggle with insomnia on a Sunday night. Sleep is so important to our health, ability to cope and general wellbeing. Here's a short video with a few helpful tips. 

Ways To Improve Your Relationship

Here are some tips to help improve your relationship. Relationship counselling can also be helpful in times of conflict and stress as it's able to provide support in a neutral environment whilst helping you to communicate more constructively and build bridges.   

Ways To Manage Stress

Here are some tips to help you manage stress, identify your ‘amber lights’ - when things start to go wrong and learn how to modify your behaviour earlier. Stress management techniques can effectively help you move forward in a calmer, more balanced way.

Ways To Start Afresh

Why wait till a particular date to make a fresh start?
Here are 4 important questions for you to consider and resolve for a better quality of life